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replica herme bag As much as people like to joke about her, Kim Kardashian ain’t no fool when it comes to fashion and handbags in particular. Before she was famous for being famous, Kim was an LA stylist and boutique owner who frequently sold things from her own closet on eBay. Just because Kimmy’s now an internationally famous megastar who’s about to birth Kanye West’s child doesn’t mean that those wise resale instincts have gone by the wayside; Heritage Luxury Auctions’ upcoming Handbags and Luxury Accessories Signature Auction will include two bags from Kardashian’s ever-growing Hermes collection.

replica black hermes bag The auction, which we are held in New York on April 28, will include Kim’s Hermes Grizzly Birkin, which is 40 centimeters wide and appears to be the larger version of the Grizzly Birkin we spotted Kim carrying last week. Her Hermes Kelly Relax, which is a slouchy, 50-centimeter shoulder bag version of the traditional Kelly in orange leather, will also be up for sale. Both bags are limited edition; the Birkin will have an opening bid of $10,000, the Kelly, $7,500. Considering how Kim’s wardrobe has gone in a dark, somewhat minimal direction since she hooked up with Kanye, it’s not all that surprising that she’s sending these two particular bags to new owners.

fake hermes belt If you’d like to bid on these bags in person (in addition to the other insanely lust-worthy bags in this auction, which includes a bevy of exotic Birkins, among others), the auction will take place on April 28 at the Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion on New York’s Upper East Side. For those of you interested in bidding in advance online or viewing the rest of the auction’s offerings.

Birkin bags are top of the notch bags. But I think Kim K should have donated some of the proceeds. IJS

“Considering how Kim’s wardrobe has gone in a dark, somewhat minimal direction since she hooked up with Kanye” -that’s pretty funny, sounds a little racist!!!

replica hermes birkin bag price just because someone has money doesn’t mean they have to donate money from anything they sell to charity. if she was a regular joe would you chastise her for not donating the proceeds? its really not for any of us to say what anyone does with their money & certainly not a reason to hate on her

She has a kid now and uses her brain. Every penny she gets back is now in her child’s bank account too. A smart parent doesn’t give money away. I love her and love reading about her family.

Do these people that leave comments sell their stuff and donate the proceeds to the Boston Tragedy victims. I don’t think so.

BTW, she’s not THAT rich.

If you don’t like them so much, then why are you taking the time to read the article and comment?

hermes bracelet replica I was so hoping to read that the proceeds would be going, for example, to the victims of the Boston tragedy. But what am I thinking? We’re talking about Kim Kardashian here. A portion of the proceeds will go to her favorite “charity:” Kris Jenner. I really wish these people would just disappear from the face of the Earth — or at least from the pages of my beloved Purse Blog.

Wow, I would have hoped she might auction them for charity, but then again, what was I thinking – she is a true Kartrashian… Also, two of my least favorite topics, once again, in a PB article – Birkins and Kardashians. Ugh…

replica hermes australia If you know anything about bags (and you probably do, otherwise you’d be looking at cat pictures on BuzzFeed like literally everyone else on the Internet), you know that Hermes is the holy grail. Sure, a woman’s personal grail bag might not be Hermes, but when it comes to the hierarchy of luxury handbags, no one beats Hermes at its own game. That also means that the brand’s bags are notoriously hard to locate, particularly in the most sought-after colors and exotics. Thanks to Moda Operandi and Heritage Luxury Auctions, though, you now have a number of Hermes bags at your fingertips through April 16.

replica hermes birkin price Moda and Heritage run these sales every now and then, and they never fail to get me excited. This particular sale contains everything from rare Club Birkins and exotic options to a very special limited-edition sterling silver Mini Kelly. Some bags have already sold, but there are plenty of beautiful pieces left, particularly if you’ve got money to spend in the high five figures. Shop the full sale via Moda Operandi or admire our favorites below.

replica hermes picotin It’s springtime in LA (when is it not, exactly?), and the Kardashians are busting out their bright spring hues and their most exotic Birkins! It’s been months since we featured a Birkin-wielding celeb on the blog, but we couldn’t resist this flagrant showcase of ridiculously rare and exclusive Hermes Birkins. Kim Kardashian is carrying a Hermes Grizzly Birkin, which has a suede body trimmed in leather and is so rarely seen, I wasn’t even aware it existed before today. Momma Kris Jenner is carrying the black Hermes Crocodile Birkin. While Kris’ croc is the pricier of the two Birkins, the Grizzly is more eye-catching, if only because you see them a lot less often in the wild.

birkin replica Can I tell you how relieved I am to see Kimmie K. wearing something light, blousy, and non-black? I’ve been kvetching about her all black, faux-maternity wardrobe for several weeks now. I mean, this is essentially a harem pant jumpsuit, but when better to wear such things than when you’re dressing for two?

How crass and uncalled for. You can criticize the Kardashian’s for a whole lot of things (fame-whoring, etc.) but no woman, Kardashian or not, should be called out for gaining weight while pregnant. Ugggh.

kelly hermes bag replica I’m sorry I think Kim looks like a mess and I don’t think the bag goes with the dress she’s wearing. But I will say at least she looks comfortable for once compared to some of the other outfits she’s worn and I agree it is nice to see her in something other than black. Hate to say it but Kris looks casually chic.

I truly hope Kim gets to enjoy some of her pregnancy. I felt so at peace when I was pregnant with my first child. I wish the same for her.

hermes blanket replica There are a lot of exciting things about the advent of spring, which starts today, but the one that’s closest to our hearts is the ability to widen our wardrobe rainbows to include the lush, rich colors of the season’s liveliness and renewal. And when it comes to a wide range of bright, saturated colors, no one does it quite like Hermes; the company often has collectors searching far and wide for the right bag in the right color. Thanks to the From The Reserve: Hermes sale at Rue La La, which launches now and lasts through Friday, March 22 at 11 a.m., your Hermes search might be over.

hermes replica bags Naturally, the sale features plenty of covetable neutral Hermes bags and accessories, including tons of sought-after Birkins and Kellys, but the real draw here is all the incredible (and sometimes rare) colors that shoppers can choose from. The best part, of course, is that all the bags are there for the picking; in a Hermes boutique, you’d be stuck hoping that a sales associate decides you’re cool enough to see the goodies hiding in the back. At Rue La La, nothing is held back as long as you act quickly.

hermes kelly replica There is no denying that the Hermes bag is well made and beautiful. What I do not understand is why Hermes would want to treat anyone that wants to lay down $10,000.00 to purchase one of their bags with anything other than the highest regard and show them everything in the back room and give them the best customer service on the planet. I find it amusing especially when you can go on eBay and choose from hundreds of options….so, in the end, it is not that exclusive, is it. I love nice things but I can do without the snobby attitudes.

hermes birkin replica A long time ago, I ranted a bit about why terming the purchase of a bag as an “investment” was probably a bit silly, not to mention inaccurate, and the kind of marketing terminology that encourages consumers to overspend on goods that depreciate even more rapidly than cars. It still is – at best, buying fashion is an investment in your own enjoyment, and the dividends it pays won’t be of the monetary variety. Hermes, it turns out, bucks that trend on two levels.

birkin bag replica Last week, Hermes released its 2012 profit information and informed us all that it had been another banner year for the French powerhouse. Revenues were up 18.5%, making it Hermes’ most lucrative year ever, with jewelry the most quickly expanding sector, up 45%, according to Vogue UK. Bags, though, enjoyed an impressive 22% jump in growth, on top of a year of business that was already sprinting to keep up with seemingly endless demand for everything from canvas Garden Party totes to alligator Birkins. When compared to relatively flat leather goods growth across competitors like Louis Vuitton, the number is even more remarkable.

replica hermes birkin 35 That means two things. First, if you can get your money around some Hermes stock, you probably won’t be sorry you did. (It might be a little more difficult than merely placing a call to your broker, though – Louis Vuitton has its guy on speed dial when it comes to Hermes.) Second, it means that the actual bags are more valuable than ever because demand still outpaces supply, despite some modest supply-side expansion from Hermes; if you have a specific bag in mind and aren’t an established VIP, you’ll likely have to wait. When you combine that with annual price increases that continue to raise the value of existing Hermes bags, you end up with a situation where well-kept used bags, especially Birkins, regularly sell for more from a third party than they do from a Hermes boutique. If you’re the kind of person who has $10,000 to spend on a brand new bag but is told you’ll need to wait, perhaps months, then maybe you’re also the kind of person who has an extra couple thousand dollars to skip the line and buy a new-looking bag from a third party.

replica hermes belt The online sale marketplace seems to bear out that theory. Luxury sites like Moda Operandi and Rue La La routinely host sales where auction houses offer an assortment of pre-owned Hermes bags, the most desirable of which are marked above retail. Invariably, the bags fly off the virtual shelf, most within hours of launch. If you have the money and have been considering the purchase of a Birkin, it boils down to there being almost literally no risk involved – if you later decide it doesn’t suit you and you have the savvy to resell, you’ll likely recoup your costs. My advice, though, would be to buy some stock instead. You can flip it to Louis Vuitton later when they invariably call you.

replica hermes bag 2018 From what I understand, buying Hermes on eBay can be particularly risky because of some of the extremely high-quality fakes that are out there and the risk of PayPalling someone ten grand. It would take someone made of sterner stuff than me to give it a try.

I have rarely seen a Birkin on eBay that is both authentic and less than retail, so, in actuality, it’s not really an option even if it were safe.

how very interesting, it just goes to show becoming the price club of luxe such as L.V and Gucci makes no sense ……quality is always better than quantity

replica hermes twilly It was a bit of a rough weekend for all of us in New York, but we’ve dug ourselves out and life is more or less back to normal now. Personally, I used my days inside to cook a pot roast, re-watch lots of episodes of The West Wing on Netflix and wander around the Internet in search of things to impulse-order. Thankfully, my wallet was clear across the apartment when I laid eyes on the pre-owned and vintage bags that Heritage Auctions has up for sale via Moda Operandi. Now that would have been a concerned phone call from American Express if there ever were one.

hermes sandals replica If you’ve worked up an appetite for shopping or browsing over the past few days, you’re in luck. The Vintage Hermes from Heritage Auctions sale runs through February 17, and we’ve gathered our favorite bags from the selection below for our viewing pleasure. If you decide to splurge, do it quickly – there are only one of each of these covetable pieces to go around. Amanda, what’s up with you and pink girlie bags lately??? The weather must be getting to you … still, I love the posts

replica birkin bag hermes price list I’m a jewelry girl, but I’m not a jewelry girl. When it comes to accessories, I will always opt to splurge on handbags before shoes or jewelry. When it is time to buy some jewels, I love a trendy statement piece and I don’t seek out precious stones or solid gold. However, if I were to do so, I might turn to Hermes Exceptional Jewelry – when you have hundreds of thousands of imaginary dollars to spend on jewelry and you already love the Hermes brand, then why not?

So today, we have a gallery of some overly extravagant and overly priced Hermes goods, because that’s the sort of thing that we’re prone to spend our days looking at. If you had the money, would you buy any of these pieces?

Yeah, I agree with you. Actually, all the girls or women love beautiful, they always like to use beautiful jewelry and clothes to dress up themselves.

All I see is a Cartier love bangle, Tiffany lock bangle, replica bags Chain Bracelet, etc… look alike put in one huge piece…hmmm

indeed beautiful to look at and I would MAYBE consider the alchimie if the price tag lost a “0” 😉 – thanks for the eye candy, Meg!

Yes, I would definitely buy if I had that much money. solid gold jewelry will always be an investment, even if it’s not from a prestigious brand.

replica hermes belts We don’t delight in the bad news around here, and a price increase is just about the worst news that you can ever expect to find on a handbag blog. (We’re lucky that way.) Unfortunately, that’s what this time of year brings for Hermes lovers, and NYC shopping blog Mizhattan reports that we can expect a noticeable uptick in price for everything from Birkins to Colliers de Chien to flasks. How much? That depends.

replica hermes side bag The price increase is rumored to be between seven and 10 percent, depending on the product, which would raise the price of the brand’s marquee handbags by over a thousand dollars apiece for higher-end leathers and exotics. It seems as though the increase will phase in starting any day now and running through the beginning of February, and as Mizhattan mentions, it seems logical that bags would be among the first pieces to see the hike because of their importance in the Hermes product lineup.

replica hermes usa Hermes also increased its prices at the end of January last year, and it seems as though the brand will continue to do it until the market won’t bear it anymore. Birkins, Kellys and all of Hermes’ other bags still fly off the shelves as fast as they can be cranked out, it seems as though we have a ways to go before a slowdown. Does the price increase make you any less likely to buy something from Hermes, or are price increases just part of being a luxury consumer?

kelly bag replica Looking at the Hermes offerings on eBay of all sites would enable you to purchase a new bag for most of the time less than retail. When you consider this I wonder why anyone would put up with the BS that is involved in trying to purchase a bag in the store. Any other luxury brand wants your business and will do whatever it takes to make a customer happy….and that is what I expect when spending my hard earned dollars. Hermes should be honored that you want to purchase one of their bags and make it a great experience…VIP or not.

I believe the price increase has already begun in Holland. I’m eyeing a rivale bracelet and in September when it was out of stock it costs 421 and now it costs 450 euro. I don’t like another price increase this year!

hermes belt replica I don’t think many people in the middle-class with a right mind would actually purchase a Birkin. However, the small percentage of upper-class who are thriving in this economy probably will cringe…as they make their Birkin purchase. The fact that it’s increased its price will only make this product more desirable. For the upper-class, or just the fact that a purse is a material good–it’s not about need, it’s about want. I think if someone of that wealth wants a purse and there is a $1,000+ increase, they’d still get it.

birkin hermes bag replica Unfortunately, this is a trend that has been around for years and could continue forever. Ugh. On a positive note, there are times when Hermes price increases seem downright reasonable in comparison to the nearly 20% increase of other luxury brands. Worse, there have been years when other luxury brands have instituted steep price increases twice in the same year, resulting in some products (i.e. replica bags) nearly doubling in retail in a short time.

replica birkin bag price Personally, I have less issue with price increases than resellers who profit from scarcity by charging 50%-100% over the current retail price for Hermes. Clearly, if people are willing to avoid boutiques and pay 50%-100% over the current retail for a Hermes bag, then Hermes still has plenty of room to increase their prices, while still being “accessible” for those who can afford it.

replica hermes canada How true Joneka, unless you have children to worry about. But even now, children, as they grow into their adulthood, can be so rude and brutal, they don’t care about their elderlies anymore. So, yes, indulge what life can afford you. As the old saying goes, “we only have one life to live thru”.

I personally don’t care what a bag cost, if I like it, want it and can afford it I shall buy because when I die, only the people left will be fighting over money that they have not worked for and will buy all the nice things with my hard earned money

replica garden party hermes I have been buying bags for years and have a lovely collection. At this point though I refuse to just give my hard earned cash away to these greedy companies. I think brands should charge a fair price, but not overcharge just because they can. I think both replica bags and Hermes should be a little more consumer friendly if they want to remain on top for much longer…..

hermes bags replica The whole point of luxury pricing is affected by many factors – increase in cost or access to good leather for one. But another important factor is to differentiate themselves from other brands. By raising the price, they can really filter through their clients and make sure their bags can stay in the market for longer – If luxury becomes affordable, everyone can easily own a Birkin, Classic flap etc. Then, to be honest, luxury is no longer luxury.

replica hermes duffle bag At some point, we as the consumer need to put our foot down and stop purchasing their products. At what point are you just being ripped off?? I will be the first to tell you that you get what you pay for, to a certain point. When you compare Celine, Prada, Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and replica bags….that to me is priced more appropriately… brands like Hermes and VHB, why the big price increase. You are paying for a status symbol, saying that most luxury brands just do not impress you and you are beyond them…..and Hermes is laughing all the way to the bank.

hermes bag price replica If you’ve never considered participating in an auction, now might be the time to try. Even a traditional auction through a house like Heritage Auctions is often the source of amazing deals on rare, limited edition or hard-to-find bags, often because the majority of bag buyers either don’t know to look there or are intimidated by the mechanics of a non-eBay auction. Ultimately, that translates into a pretty good bargain on almost everything.

replica hermes bag 2019 The deals only get better when you’re talking about one of Heritage’s weekly luxury auctions, wherein everything starts at $1, there’s no reserve and all the goods are guaranteed to be authentic. This week’s auction, which ends at 11 p.m. on January 22, includes such lust-worthy items as an orange Hermes Birkin, a Hermes Collier de Chien, and bags from replica bags and Louis Vuitton, among others. Wherever the bidding ends, that’s where the item sells. If you’re looking to add some Hermes accessories to your collection – belts, cuffs, that sort of thing – you might want to check in as well.

We’ve got a few of the best items below (and above, naturally), and if you’re intrigued, do yourself a favor and head on over to see what else you might be able to get for a steal.

replica hermes taschen When most people think of Hermes, they think of the coveted Birkin and Kelly, but the brand offers so many more bags. Sometimes when I want to go off to dream world, I dive into the Hermes website because it’s one of the best-designed and most fun and interactive sites any luxury retailer has put together. While playing on it today, I ran into an inviting look at the Hermes Berline Bag as a slew of them swayed from side to side while bells play in the background.

But enough about their website, let’s discuss the bag, shall we?

hermes bag replica Some people might think the Berline Bag is brand new, but it first appeared for Fall 2011. The bag looks like a more casual and sporty version of the Hermes Jypsiere. The main difference from its sibling bag is the strap is shorter, so the bag can be worn as a shoulder bag with a smaller under-arm drop. Also, the front of the bag features an interesting and sporty quilted leather pattern. While every account I’ve read of people seeing this bag in person is positive, many say they had a hard time pulling the bag off. I would say a majority of the reason is the short strap because with a bag this shape it would be ideal to wear crossbody. The price is about $7,150 and the Berline comes in Swift leather (a smooth and durable leather).

I look like the bottom of a 1960s car seat to me and the strap is the seatbelt. I much prefer some of the other new bags like the Etribelt.

best hermes replica THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WISHED HERMES WOULD NOT DO! making the classic HW an icon and then milking it dry, by simply slapping it on any basic bag. the problem for me is that H does not have another iconic staple that has worked on bags the famous chain de care has not worked out well on bags/clutches the classic H belongs on the Constance bag and the belts and that’s it!.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 so they make a piece of HW their MONOGRAM shall we say,problem about this is it slowly kills the classics that actually show off the HW beautifully and so……… we can see another indication of the fall of a grand house, one that I love but can’t help feeling sorry for, since its loss in its own world. and even more, lost is the design team behind all of the NEW H. collections……

The bag is fun And young every 1 it’s using Oversize Bags that could be really heavy And uncomfortable, this could b your everyday bag … And the quality it’s amazing Hermes didn’t go wrong with this 1…

You can thank the current Creative Director Christophe Lemaire for this Hag of a bag. JPG would have never done anything like this. The Jypsiere is an absolutely spectacular bag.

I know many will disagree, but it looks a little…cheap. Definitely not in the Hermes range. Maybe contemporary, or maybe one of the pleather ‘inspired-by’ looks at a department store. Sorry Hermes lovers, it just isn’t my favorite.

My Hermes SA rolled her eyes and told me that the bag was not worth the price point. Imagine my surprise as I had commented that I liked it.

Hmm, sporty.. sure why not, after all, Hermes stands for practical everyday bags. Ok, I’m in! I would choose the bluish grey one. What’s your favorite?

Wow! Almost $7200?? That’s insane! I have bought expensive bags in the past but wouldn’t this time!

This bag is gorgeous in person. Sadly the strap is very, very odd and it sits funny on the shoulder, perhaps they will rethink it!

replica hermes belt bag Today, for your handbag peeping pleasure, we have Formula 1 Racing heiress Tamara Ecclestone, mixing it up with a very mod black and white outfit combo that includes the coveted Hermes Limited Edition So Black Crocodile Birkin! If you’re not familiar with Tamara or her sister Petra Ecclestone Stunt, they’re British socialites/models/insanely rich folk who probably buy Birkins like the rest of us buy fro-yo. Coincidentally, Tamara appears to be nothing on a cup of Tasti D-lite in this pic.

replica hermes gypsy bag Seriously though – how glorious is that matte croc Birkin? Who can focus on Tamara’s picture-perfect hair, make-up, and clothing (or that dashing Brit to her right) when that bag is in the picture? And this coming scarcely two months after we featured Tamara toting a gorgeous grey Hermes Crocodile Birkin! Some girls have all the fun. We weren’t kidding about the Ecclestone’s’ Birkin-buying habits either – each sister probably owns around a dozen.

birkin bag hermes replica I have no idea who she is but that bag is beautiful and I am not one for the patterns of snack skin or crocodile, but this one is exquisite! Thanks for letting me know who she has I had no idea, I think she would be a lot prettier without all that American looking makeup pancaked to her face. I like when women look more natural in their makeup. I would never guess she was British because of all that makeup.

She looks nice in this picture. A good thing since she always has a lot going on. Full head of weave, large false lashes, permanent tan…can you believe she is a mere 28…

On the bag…gorgeous but I wish she’d try something else…she looks like a Kardashian clone…

replica herme bag Yes! Its beauty was blinding. I think my friends were a little embarrassed that I was approaching a stranger and shamelessly admiring her bag, but I felt certain I would never see one of these in person again. Well worth the awkwardness in my opinion 🙂

replica black hermes bag I was just in NYC over the weekend and happened to run into Ms. Ecclestone and her beautiful bag at Celine (where I was purchasing my first luggage tote!!) I had just left an all you can drink champagne brunch so I was bold enough to ask her if I could take a closer look at her bag while we were waiting for our purchases to be processed. She seemed a little annoyed but let me check it out anyway.

fake hermes belt With the holidays fast approaching, it is imperative we all begin to work on our holiday shopping lists. Consider me selfish, but the first person I think about is me when it comes to what I want to receive or buy myself as a gift. There is no better way to wake up on Christmas morning than by finding a large orange box under the tree, and this year is helping my dreams come true.

replica hermes birkin bag price can be called the original American flash sale site, they’ve been in the game for the longest. And knowing that their readers and our readers both love vintage Hermès bags, we are showcasing a major vintage Hermès sale you won’t want to miss. The bags were curated by the fabulous Madison Avenue Couture and this vintage Hermès sale features bags in every color of the rainbow. If you know your Hermès colors, then hearing Rouge Casaque, Menthe, Blue Hydra, Rose Tyrien, Ultra Violet, and Moutarde will be music to your ears. Even better is knowing there are plenty of exotic bags to be had from crocodile to alligator to ostrich.

hermes bracelet replica Owning a vintage Hermès bag is a dream for so many, and is there to help. While the Birkin and Kelly are the most famous from the brand, there will also be Evelyne bags and other modern classics amongst fabulous silk scarves and jewelry pieces.

replica hermes australia Three of my favorite things have come together to create the ultimate triple-match made in heaven. Our friends at Moda Operandi and Heritage Auctions worked together to source an amazing array of vintage Hermes items. Since we covered a large gallery of celebrities and their Hermes Birkins earlier today, so it’s fitting to follow up on how you can buy the Hermes items of your dreams, as we all know it’s typically a feat.

replica hermes birkin price Clearly, you can see my affinity for matte crocodile, and when it comes to Birkins, it’s my ultimate holy grail. There are so many colors and options, but I’d take any of them, quite honestly. The bags are just that good, and this allotment put together by Moda Operandi and Heritage Auctions is lust-worthy. If you have been looking to add Hermes items to your collection, now is your chance.

replica hermes picotin There are certain bags that celebrities, no matter who they are, just love to carry. We already showed you an amazing round up of celebrities and their Celine Luggage Totes, and today we are breaking down the celebs that love, covet, and carry Hermes Birkins. The Hermes Birkin is not only the ultimate timeless classic, but it’s also the bag that celebrities have to wait to get just like the rest of us. The Birkin is the equalizer; celebrities and regular folk alike yearn for this bag, but most of them (and us) can’t get it the minute they want it. Yep, that’s right: Hermes doesn’t “gift” bags to celebrities. It doesn’t have to.

birkin replica Let’s be real: every handbag lover knows of the infamous Hermes Birkin, but for most people, spotting this bag in the wild can be rare. Somehow, though, some celebrities (and non-celebrities, but we don’t have pictures of them) have so many Birkins it is absurd (hey, I’m talking to you, Ecclestone sisters). Let’s all be honest: we’re a bit jealous. The Birkin will never go out of style, and since they’re hard to come by, what better way to take a look at this bag’s many versions than by taking a look at celebrities and the Birkins that they love?

Sit back, grab your latte and a snack and get ready to drool through our massive gallery!

OMG. So sorry. I thought I was commenting directly on the photo and not flooding the comments section. So sorry!

Google Jamie Chua, formerly Jamie Cuaca. She has the vast collection of Birkin in every color available, in exotic skin esp. crocodile skin! It is really amazing!

Love all the bags you carry the large ones are my favorite. I could never afford one, but only in my dreams. I am a cancer patient and a heart patient from TN. Just what do you do with all those bags when you are tired of them.



hermes blanket replica It’s people like Star Jones and Shannon Doherty and all the other has-beens on this post that make it clear the Birkin has nothing to do with fashion or the fashion world. It’s clear it’s just a blinking beacon to advertise wealth which is sad because some of these gals haven’t booked a gig in years.

hermes replica bags Such a beautiful handbag and almost all these women look tacky and cheap in all pictures. Such a shame a beautifully crafted handbag and these women just buy it to be “trendy” and to make headlines since the bag is so expensive. Instead of doing their research and give some respect to the bag. Most made the Hermes Birkin look cheap and tacky, I bet a classy human such as Audrey Hepburn would give the Birkin a classy one of a kind look. Not the cheap “basic bitch” look all these people are giving it. Sorry for the long comment but I seriously had to rant, I guess money does not buy class or style what so ever!

I love the Birkin! It elevates every outfit. Maybe for my 40 birthday– probably should get on the waitlist now. 🙂

Dang. You’d think with all that money rolling in that the Birkin lady wouldn’t have to dumpster dive for clothes.

hermes kelly replica I have never seen a long-strapped Birkin like Cindy Crawford… I am assuming it’s the special order (what am I saying? every Birkin is considered special order!! haha).. either it’s custom, or it’s a season issue… hmmm… I personally, would love to have that shoulder option…coz carrying it by the crook of your arm gets tiring sometimes…

hmmph.. to be honest, Birkin bag is boring. too many people use it, makes it not special (well, to me). ok, Birkin may correlate to social status, but if I need to decide to buy or not to buy Birkin bag (for the love of a bag), I wouldn’t.

where did you see that option…that’s one of the reasons I give replica bags a miss… I hate clicking next, it wastes my time and ruins viewing pleasure

the thing about Birkin is it makes tacky women look tackier (for some of them it’s not possible) and classy women classier.

hermes birkin replica In all the hustle and bustle of getting through the end of the fashion season, we’ve still got a few collections that we didn’t get a chance to write about but we think you should see. The first, of course, is Hermes Spring 2013 – Hermes is essential viewing to any handbag lover, even if it’s not your style or anywhere near your budget. Keeping up with the goings-on of the best of the best is always worth it, no matter what you’re interested in.

birkin bag replica Unlike recent season, Spring 2013 featured a good bit of exactly what we want to see from Hermes: bags, bags, bags, and more specifically, Birkins. The Birkin of the season is a giant weekender version with a woven front panel showcasing modern, color-blocked prints. What I loved the most, though, were the gorgeous leather backpacks, one of which we’ll surely be seeing on Kanye West as soon as he can get his hands on one. I can’t blame him at all.

strange I like only the backpacks and the last bag…that multicolor Birkin is giving me headaches

the bags are all HACs, not Birkins. Apparently, it’s not gonna go into production maybe only for very select clients. as always.

replica hermes birkin 35 Ladies, may I introduce you to your newest source for premiere designer discounts, Belle & Clive. The site is Bluefly’s entré to the world of flash sales, but the major difference from other sites is that the years-long relationships between Bluefly’s buyers and amazing brands result in choice picks from premier designers. Every. Single. Day.

replica hermes belt We thought we’d introduce the site, which is still actually in Beta, by showcasing today’s offering – a rare vintage Hermes HAC Birkin made of Ardenne leather (!!). This showstopper is gently used and the description notes that the “front hardware features slight scratching due to age and wear.” Get your hands on this gem for $13,000 by heading over to Belle & Clive when the sale launches at 11:30 AM. Want to see it in its full glory right now? It’s waiting for you after the jump.

Me neither. I have found that site rather expensive, hardly much of savings on anything I wanted.

I think it is lovely and I love the Hermes HAC. But, I have yet to see one of these flash sales that offer, what I consider, good pricing. Just my .02…

replica hermes bag 2018 Ladies and gents, the time has come: we have ourselves a winner. As many of you know, we partnered with our fabulous friends at PopSugar, Moda Operandi and Shop Style to give all you handbag fanatics the opportunity to win a vintage 35cm Navy Hermes Birkin. The entries poured in, the giveaway came to a close and a winner was randomly selected and contacted.

A huge congrats go to Abby G. from Havertown, PA – the beloved Birkin is now hers.

For the rest of you out there, fret not, we have some other great giveaways up our sleeves. Stay tuned!